Finding careers in Fintech

Financial Technology, or Fintech as it’s now more commonly known, is a rapidly growing market. It’s also one of the more exciting – and possibly one of the more intimidating – areas in the banking industry. This can include services such as: money transfer, equity funding, P2P lending, mobile payments and trading platforms, to name a few.

It’s estimated that people linked with Fintech now make up around 40 per cent of London’s workforce. And, including traditional Fintechs, such as First Date and Paysafe, as well as emerging Fintechs, such as Transferwise and Zopa, the industry has an annual revenue of around £20bn in the UK.

Fintech – a brief history

Fintech isn’t a new industry – in fact it has been around for many years. Traditionally consisting of large, yet basic, bespoke database solutions, the bottom fell out of the market in the financial crisis of 2008, while smart phones and tablets were just making it into mainstream at the same time.

These changes made way for today’s Fintech companies – delivering innovative solutions that allow the financial sector to stay ahead of the technology curve, with innovation at their core.

What IF…working in Fintech

While many Fintech companies are start-ups, the industry is certainly not restricted to small business and many large organisations are investing heavily in their own Fintech teams.

Recognising the need to recruit in the Fintech arena and understanding the very niche position Fintech has, at IF Recruitment we have our own resident Fintech expert.

Luke Farrow joined the IF Recruitment team in June 2016 with several years’ experience working in London – the hub of the UK’s financial technology sector.

Luke comments: “The IF Recruitment recruitment approach works well in the Fintech industry, building relationships and a unique understanding of our clients’ businesses and the niche they have carved for themselves. Using this knowledge, we are able to match candidates to fit perfectly within a team, as well as in the industry.”

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