IF Recruitment Exhibits at BT Innovation 2017 Event

IF Recruitment were proud to be part of Innovation 2017 event hosted by BT at Adastral Park during June 2017.  The Event was to celebrate all the Innovations that are taking place at the Park, members of Innovation Martlesham, the established cluster of over 90 high-tech ICT companies located at Adastral Park, were also exhibiting.

For more than a century now, BT has looked to innovation to bring new products and services, improve customer experience, efficiency gains and to unlock exciting new opportunities. BT’s very origins can be traced back 180 years to an entrepreneurial fusion of business and innovation. On June 12th 1837 William Fothergill Cooke (an entrepreneur and business man) and Professor Sir Charles Wheatstone (an academic) filed a patent for the world’s first practical electric telegraph. These collaborators were excited by the commercial potential that the recently discovered phenomenon of electricity and magnetism could offer for communications

The event show cased over 100 demos, presentations and exhibition stands hosted by award-winning technologists, scientists and innovators and covered a range of key innovation topics.

The event was a huge success with approximately 1000 attendees per day from all over the world.

IF showcased our Virtual Reality demo. Consultants were on hand to discuss other Tech Innovations as well as some free advice on:


         Attracting Talent – making your organisation an ‘employer of choice’

         Hiring on ‘Intelligent Adaptability’

         Agile Recruitment


IF Recruitment were thrilled to be part of such a successful event and to have the opportunity to meet such a wealth of forward thinking organisations. In addition to further cementing relationships with current IM companies partners and BT.

Please do contact Kelly for further information on Kelly@ifrecruit.com or 07525 045168.